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Limited liability company "Roni" is a dynamically developing company in the field of supplies of industrial equipment of the latest generation. We have access to the latest information about innovative developments in the field of laboratory and industrial equipment and are always ready to supply the customer with high-tech and high-quality devices.

The most important direction is also the supply of chemical raw materials and industrial chemistry.

To date, we are the distributor of the world leader in the development of technological systems of the Korean company SEIN TNS Co., Ltd. SEIN TNS Co., Ltd has been successfully developing and implementing unique installations for the chemical, oil, mining and food industries for more than 20 years.

SEIN TNS Co., Ltd is one of the few companies on the world market that is ready to provide a wide range of equipment: experimental plants for chemical processes (hydrocracking, hydrotreatment, microreactors, hydrogen generators, PET polymerization, sampling systems, precious metal recovery with biosorbent, Technology of gas reforming, distillation and purification), as well as pilot plants for petrochemicals. SEIN TNS Co., Ltd is actively developing, expanding the geography of its presence.